Wooden Roller Coaster "Troy"

The new "star" is born in the european amusement park industry. It´s name is "Troy" an it is one of the most modern wooden roller coaster in Europe.

The wooden coaster was opened 29th of June 2007 at "Toverland", Sevenum (Netherlands) and attracts visitors since the opening. The positive reports of press release is not a big surprise: Welcome "Troy".

Welcome Great Coasters International Inc. to Europe!!!


  • Height: 32 m
  • Tracklength: 1040 m
  • Max. Velocity: 90 km/h
  • G-Force: 0 g bis +2,5 g
  • Ridetime: 110 Sec
  • Vehicles: 2 Trains with 24 Seats
  • Capacity: 850 pph
  • Manufacturer: Great Coasters International Inc.
  • Owner: Toverland, Sevenum, Netherlands
  • Opening: 29. June 2007
  • Specials: Fly-Through Station