Timbur Coaster

Here are the facts:

Client: Europa-Park Rust, Germany

  • Construction time: 9 Monate
  • Footprint: 1,6 Hektar
  • Length: 1050 Meter
  • Hight: 35 Meter
  • Speed: Über 100 km/h
  • Max. Vertical g forces: 3,5G
  • 21.000 boards and
  • 1000 cubicmeter of lumber
  • 1.6 Mio nails
  • Manufacturer: Great Coasters International, Inc

The Wooden Coaster Wodan was build in 9 month at Europa-Park, Rust Germany. Our partner Great Coaster International Inc. had been involved into the project. After design drawings from Mack Solutions we build one of the most beautiful queing area for a roller coaster in Europe.