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Engelhardt –Your specialist for recreation and amusement parks has its central headquarters in Hannover (Germany). We can look back with pride on the 50-year-long history of our business and our many satisfied customers.

Years of experience and numerous contacts with specialists in the recreation industry are the source of our strength. Thus, we are able to react to your individual wishes by uniting all the necessary competence with the corresponding know-how.

About us

We became self-employed with the establishment of our office for showmen / exhibitors and leisure parks in 1965. Since then the founder of the firm, Günter Engelhardt, has become the golden standard of quality in the branch. His children, Sabine and Dirk Engelhardt, are now continuing in his footsteps, directing the firm along the same paths of quality and competence.

From the very beginning the firm put its main emphasis on personal contact to the customer. This principle also operates when we select product partners on the basis of their well-founded knowledge of the market and also on solid analyses.

Another of our basic rules is to personally supervise a project through all of its stages. We are with you from the very beginning. Here you see a foto of the installation of a ride in Moscow in 1973. At that time such rides were an absolute novelty in the former USSR.

This is proof of our ability to think in global terms and in integrated ways, two of our pivotal strategies from which we continue to profit.
Another advantage is our excellent contact to other important manufacturers of leisure products::

  • Great Coasters International INC.
  • MACK Rides GmbH & Co KG
Installation of a ride in Moscow, 1973
Installation of a ride in Moscow, 1973

Main areas of competence

Whether you wish standard theme worlds or specific attractions for leisure parks, we are also able to provide you with an almost unique network of competence.
We are internationally known for having the most up-to-date standards in entertainment, we are present at all of the trade fairs, and we are tirelessly underway. When you rely on us, you are relying on a strong network of competency that stretches worldwide.
Our competencies
Professional consultation and planning of all types of ride attractions
Competent planning and realization of theme parks
Design and development of additional products such as souvenirs and merchandise (mascots)
Design and visualization of theme worlds

Functions and goals

Good ideas are rare. Most importantly, you can have them at any time, not only during the standard work week, between 8 am and 5 pm. You can reach us around the clock and on all seven days of the week.

It is our goal to provide our customer with a broad spectrum of offers in a portfolio based on our product consultation. This portfolio fits each customer perfectly as regards quality, reliable deadlines, and professional competency.

Our business partners are carefully selected on the basis of our more than 50-year-long experience in the leisure industry. We guarantee a professionally competent and objective consultation to each customer. Dependability is always written by us with a capital D; it is our constant motto.