Operation Enterprise Movie Park

Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise Movie Park

Whether you start from standing still or give the the train an extra boost – the LSM drives of our launch coaster can enhance your ride story. Rushing out of a building or initiating the second stage of the ride is a blast.

More then 2000 hps accelerate the train from 0 – 100 kph in just a blink of the eye.

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The Ride to Hapiness

MACK Rides developed an on-board magnetic brake that limits the turning speed.

  • 2021
  • Mack Rides
  • Plopsaland, Belgien
Water Coaster

Krampus Nigloland

The Mack Rides Water Coaster combines roller coaster feeling with water fun!

  • 2021
  • Mack Rides
  • Nigloland, Frankreich