A strong network

Our strength – our network with the right connections.

Mack Rides, Germany

For eight generations, the family owned business MACK Rides has combined daring, experience and tradition in the amusement park industry and has established itself as a top player.

Mack Rides and Europa-Park have been our partners for almost 50 years now.

As an exclusives sales office for Northern Europe, we can look after our customers from Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, France, England and Poland.

We are a reliable contact for our customers for project planning, offer processing and contract negotiations.

We follow the Rule: We make people smile!

Mack Rides Website

Great Coasters International Inc., USA

Great Coasters International, Inc. has been designing and building the world’s smoothest, most twisted, highest quality wooden coasters since 1994.

More than 30 attractions have already been successfully installed worldwide. Wooden coasters are built on site with the support of a team of engineers, project coordinators and carpenters. As an exclusive sales office for Europe, we are a reliable contact for our customers for project planning, quotation processing and contract design. Our services also include maintenance and repair work on existing wooden roller coasters. This also applies to wooden roller coasters from other manufacturers. A wooden coaster is an investment that will require a lifetime of service and support. We supply the professionals who, with great attention to detail, make the purchase of a GCII wooden coaster a solid investment.

Great Coasters International Website

Universal Rocks, Portugal, France

Based in Portugal and France, Universal Rocks is our partner for designing themed areas for amusement parks, zoos, water parks, hotels and other leisure facilities.

Universal Rocks designs, develops and constructs artificial rocks, historical facades, landscapes and artificial trees that combine aesthetic quality with practical needs. Disneyland in Paris, Nigloland, Europa-Park, Phantasialand, Tripsdrill, Zoo Wildlands Emmen, Grönalund Tivoli, Heide Park, Legoland Germany and Alton Towers are among our loyal customers for the construction of their themed areas. Especially for the frost-proof construction of adventure worlds, Universal Rocks uses a specially developed shotcrete technology. Our on-site sculptors are the guarantee for the perfect implementation of your design wishes. The company Engelhardt is the exclusive sales office of Universal Rocks for Germany and Switzerland as well as for all amusement parks in Northern and Eastern Europe.

-The Art of Artificial- is our motto here!

Universal Rocks Website